An Illustrated Glimpse of a Turtle House

Sea Turtles' Lives Aren't Idyllic

The next page is based on an article written by Ursula and originally printed by The Honolulu Advertiser on August 21, 1994. With the kind permission of Jerry Burris, Editorial Page editor of the Advertiser, the article is presented here in a slightly modified form.

Thanks to the wonders of the Web, we are able to illustrate the article with images created mostly from Ursula's photography. In order not to interrupt the flow, we have created links to the illustrations rather than include them inline. Each link is to a 240x196 GIF with caption, linked finally to a 640x480 JPEG. The GIFs range from 13K to 32K, with an average around 18K. We recommend that you read this article through once before selecting any of the illustration links.

Following is the Advertiser's introduction:

When the writer returned to Maui this summer to study Hawaii's endangered green sea turtles, some of her "friends" were missing. She was shocked to see turtles of all ages with tumor disease. She decided others need to know about the turtles and their plight.

Glimpse of a Turtle House

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