French Frigate Shoals--28th Anniversary Student Art

June 1st, 2001, marked the 28th anniversary of the sea turtle research and tagging program at the French Frigate Shoals, nesting grounds of the honu (Hawaiian for "green turtle").

To celebrate the occasion, the students of Grade 6 ('00-'01) at Sir John A. Macdonald Middle School, Brampton, Ontario, watched videotapes of the honu, including some showing the work of the man who started it all, George H. Balazs of the US National Marine Fisheries Service.

Inspired by what they saw, the students made sketches of the honu. We selected five to illustrate some quotes from George Balazs for this special anniversary page. Watch for others in our regular feature, Spotlight on Student Art.

"I look at these animals, I handle them. I swim with them. And it's a constant reminder of just how precious they are."

--George H. Balazs
Quote courtesy of Osha Gray Davidson, Author

Chantelle M.

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"The creatures have the ability to learn, and they can and do adapt for survival purposes, sometimes quite quickly ...and I'm eager to see what the New Century will bring."

--George H. Balazs

Michael E.

"Happy Anniverary to the honu! I'll celebrate it with them all day in Kona. If a bell tolls at 12 noon, I'll take my cap off and recall how many years have gone by."

--George H. Balazs

Carolina G. A.

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"On June 3, 1973 I first set foot on East Island, setting up a tent and small campsite. I went out to search for turtles at 7:15 pm (sunset was 7:50 pm--as it still is). No turtles up nesting as yet...

Turtles were encountered and tagged that night on subsequent walkarounds, but not many of course compared to now."

--George H. Balazs

Stevyn M.

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"There are lots of people like yourself who love turtles, and are eager to talk about them and happy to see them swim free into the sea."

--George H. Balazs

Richard P.

French Frigate Shoals--25th Anniversary

Kidz Korner

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