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Sea Turtles For Kids

Why Howzit Is Dying
We've tried to write this sad story so that young kids can read it, but folks of any age can appreciate it.
Polzbarney's Story
This is the story of a little turtle that started living at Honokowai in 1995. Like most young turtles that come to live in that area, Polzbarney has caught the tumor disease. Will he survive? That's what we'd like to know.
The Amazing SeaTurtleCam
Read about the webcam that lets you watch turtles and even study them yourself.
Helping Hands: Rescuing Kauila
The story of how students helped to rescue a rare endangered sea turtle from being tangled in fishing line.
Huffy, the Turtle That Won't Give Up
Huffy is a sea turtle who was hit by a boat, had several operations, went through Hurricane Fran, and still hasn't given up on living. This is an inspiring story from Jean Beasley of the Topsail Turtle Project, Topsail Island, North Carolina.
The Remarkable Journey of Adelita
Adelita was a female loggerhead turtle who swam from the Baja California coast all the way to Japan. Because she carried a satellite transmitter, thousands of schoolkids followed her year-long journey. Learn why this migration is significant--and why it is so dangerous.
Project Paola
Paola is a loggerhead turtle who was injured and caught in an Italian fisherman's nets. A restaurant owner's daughter saw Paola and saved her. Now Paola has a satellite tag and is being tracked as she swims around the Meditteranean, but her adventures don't stop there.
Sea Turtles: An Essay by Grade 6 Students
An essay, poetry, and artwork, created by the students of Grade 6D ('95-'96), Sir John A. Macdonald Middle School, Brampton, Ontario.
Spotlight On Student Art
Each week, this page highlights a drawing done by one of the Grade 6 students of '00-'01, Sir John A. Macdonald Middle School, Brampton, Ontario.
French Frigate Shoals 28th Anniversary Student Art
Artwork celebrating the 28th anniversary of the tagging programme at the French Frigate Shoals, by the students of Grade 6D ('00-'01), Sir John A. Macdonald Middle School, Brampton, Ontario.
Official French Frigate Shoals 25th Anniversary Poem
Derek M. has written a poem celebrating the French Frigate Shoals, and Rubina P. has created artwork (38K GIF) to accompany it.
Sea Turtle Heaven
An illustrated poem by Ursula Keuper-Bennett (Page 1).
If You Talk to Animals
Chief Dan George, leader, wise man, and occasional actor, wrote these words in the book My Heart Soars, co-authored by Helmet Hirnshall and published by Hancock House.
The Turtle Trax Colouring Pages
Load these GIFs into your paint program and colour them yourself. You can print them and colour them with crayons or paints, too!
What Is It?
When Turtle Trax began, we were presented with an ice cream cake decorated in a strange way. We've wondered about it long enough, now we're asking for help.
How to Build a Turtle Sundae
Until it closed in 1998, we went every Friday to Lime Rickey's just so we can have their Turtle Sundae for dessert. Now you can try one too!
Kauila: Turtle Guardian of Children
Read about Kauila, the turtle that protects children.
Gamera: Another Friend To All Children
Gamera probably isn't a marine turtle, but he is the Children's Friend.
Sounds of the Turtle
Extremely rare, heard only once at a party...
Kidz Korner Kartoonz
See what the Turtle Trax Toon characters are doing.
The End
Yes, this really is the end.

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