What Is It? A Turtle Trax Mystery


When Turtle Trax first joined the WorldWide Web, we were presented with an ice cream cake to celebrate the occasion. This is the cake shown in the picture above. As you can see, the decoration is, well, a little odd.

At the time, we all had a good laugh, but as time went on, we began to wonder just what that thing on top of the cake really was. No one we asked could give us an answer, so now we're asking the Web to help.

If you think you know what is on this cake, send email to webmaster@turtles.org.

Mahalo to those who try to help.

Breaking News, 96/11/02: Correct Guess!

After six months, we have received our first correct guess! Congratulations to the Grade Three Reading Group of Central Decatur South Elementary School in Leon, Iowa.

Kidz Korner

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