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Chapter 1. The Book

The Book (3 panels, 176K GIF)

So Excellent A Speller (3 panels, 220K GIF)

Profound Beliefs (3 panels, 189K GIF)

Upon Further Study (3 panels, 191K GIF)

The Skeptic (3 panels, 215K GIF)

Nice Guys (3 panels, 199K GIF)

Human Exhalations (3 panels, 194K GIF)

They All Look Alike (3 panels, 201K GIF)

Stuck On Or Out? (3 panels, 184K GIF)

Still Not Going (3 panels, 186K GIF)

Coming Unglued (3 panels, 189K GIF)

A Turtle Hurtles (3 panels, 187K GIF)

Paper, Scissors, Rock, Leg (3 panels, 189K GIF)

Turtle Thoughts (3 panels, 192K GIF)

Reptilian Intelligence (3 panels, 163K GIF)

An Unexpected Collar (3 panels, 211K GIF)

No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts (3 panels, 174K GIF)

P Is For Pollution (3 panels, 201K GIF)

A Choral Band of Shrimp (With Help From A Few Stars) (3 panels, 206K GIF)

Howzit's Holiday Garland (3 panels, 201K GIF)

Howzit Writes Santa (3 panels, 199K GIF)

A Resolutionary Concept (3 panels, 216K GIF)

Shake And Break (3 panels, 194K GIF)

Meanwhile, Back At The Circuits (3 panels, 214K GIF)

Goodbye, Mr. Chip! (3 panels, 209K GIF)

Chipwrecked! (3 panels, 213K GIF)

A Wail Of A Mistake (3 panels, 194K GIF)

Going Overboard (3 panels, 207K GIF)

Howzit Pokes A Grand Clam (3 panels, 200K GIF)

330 Lbs. Under The Sea (3 panels, 199K GIF)

Real Guards Never Dessert (3 panels, 225K GIF)

Moulting and Revolting (3 panels, 200K GIF)

Missing Howzit (3 panels, 191K GIF)

Howzit Nose Trouble (3 panels, 198K GIF)

Piercing In Sight (3 panels, 223K GIF)

Tags For The Memories (3 panels, 204K GIF)

Barf's Up! (3 panels, 194K GIF)

Bonding With Howzit (3 panels, 192K GIF)

Four "Gone" Conclusion (3 panels, 188K GIF)

Talks Are At An End (3 panels, 180K GIF)

Howzit Nose The Way (3 panels, 169K GIF)

Eel Be Really Crabby (3 panels, 186K GIF)

Dark Thoughts (3 panels, 157K)

Howzit Is Over The Hump (3 panels, 148K)

Howzit Is Spied (3 panels, 208K)

Diss Made (3 panels, 202K)

A Chili Reaction (3 panels, 177K)

Oh, Oh! Seven? (3 panels, 179K)

Things Come To A Head (3 panels, 197K)

Head Rest (3 panels, 218K)

Arresting Tale (3 panels, 35K)

The Wurst Can Happen (3 panels, 198K)

George Knows He Is (3 panels, 217K)

Eyes Spy (3 panels, 227K)

Pooped (3 panels, 216K)

Spying: The Friendly Eyes (3 panels, 185K)

The Turtles Grimm (3 panels, 189K)

Dull Daze (3 panels, 219K)

Chapter 2. Net Results

Chapter 3. Tokyo Roads

Chapter 4. Lost Shoals

Chapter 5. Pester Not

Chapter 6. The Day the Earth Stood Still

Chapter 7. The Weigh They Were

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