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Chapter 4. Lost Shoals

Lost Shoals (3 panels, 163K GIF)

Honu Lulu (3 panels, 167K GIF)

On Going Crisis (3 panels, 178K GIF)

Howzit Gets A Bang Out Of Tamu (3 panels, 151K GIF)

Tamu's Plan Is Matchless (3 panels, 166K GIF)

Food For The Shoal (3 panels, 202K GIF)

Shoal Brothers (5 panels, 296K GIF)

Pondering Nurture (3 panels, 215K GIF)

Herd At The Shoals (3 panels, 188K GIF)

De-penned-able Garland (3 panels, 188K GIF)

Dawn And Laggard (3 panels, 198K GIF)

Events Take A Silly Tern (3 panels, 184K GIF)

A Bird Of Advice (3 panels, 192K GIF)

Snapped! (3 panels, 175K GIF)

The Daze Notes (3 panels, 176K GIF)

We'll Retern Next Week (3 panels, 187K GIF)

A Tern Lecture (3 panels, 195K GIF)

In Tents Story (3 panels, 197K GIF)

Terning The Tide (3 panels, 209K GIF)

Guano With The Wind (3 panels, 209K GIF)

Clothes Encounter (3 panels, 171K GIF)

No Private Sea (3 panels, 180K GIF)

What Did He Spray? (3 panels, 175K GIF)

Pour Ted (3 panels, 164K GIF)

The Plot Takes Another Tern (3 panels, 213K GIF)

The Problem Is Plane (3 panels, 227K GIF)

Bird Of Praise (3 panels, 207K GIF)

Tacit Tern Island (3 panels, 215K GIF)

Flight Night (3 panels, 295K GIF)

Howzit Explodes (3 panels, 220K GIF)

Howzit Makes A Federal Case Out Of It (3 panels, 184K GIF)

Howzit Drops In (3 panels, 195K GIF)

The Blast Thing On His Mind (3 panels, 180K GIF)

Howzit Is A Hard Case (3 panels, 189K GIF)

Tamu Defuses The Situation (3 panels, 187K GIF)

Howzit Box (3 panels, 186K GIF)

It's Scold Outside (3 panels, 183K GIF)

Wire Plans So Tough (3 panels, 194K GIF)

Crackers For Lunch (3 panels, 191K GIF)

Howzit Is Flighty (3 panels, 218K GIF)

Whose Tern Is It? (3 panels, 170K GIF)

Terned Down (3 panels, 165K GIF)

Prints Of A Fellow (3 panels, 193K GIF)

Air Or... (3 panels, 183K GIF)

This Is Your Co-pilot Freaking (3 panels, 212K GIF)

Garland Is Wreckless (3 panels, 226K GIF)

N 36 Terns Around (3 panels, 265K GIF)

Many Happy Reterns (3 panels, 239K GIF)

Snooty Tern Is Feeling Low (3 panels, 218K GIF)

It's Plane To See (3 panels, 172K GIF)

Terned Away (3 panels, 163K GIF)

Point Of No Retern (3 panels, 140K GIF)

Polerized With Fear (3 panels, 160K GIF)

Ted Is Upset (3 panels, 223K GIF)

About Tern (3 panels, 275K GIF)

Song Of The Byrds (3 panels, 305K GIF, beware, noisy page!)

Ted Is A-poled (3 panels, 221K GIF)

It's Trouble, That's Plane To Sea (5 panels, 409K GIF)

Descent Shun (3 panels, 234K GIF)

Garland Terns Rescuer (3 panels, 275K GIF)

Ted And Garland Do Lunge (3 panels, 231K GIF)

Sharks Like Scraps (3 panels, 227K GIF)

Beaching And Moaning (3 panels, 202K GIF)

The Food Fights (3 panels, 213K GIF)

Myth Understanding (3 panels, 350K GIF)

A Little Tern Puts A Spin On Events (3 panels, 114K GIF)

Garland Empresses The Terns (3 panels, 241K GIF)

When Garland Was Out Of Control (3 panels, 261K GIF)

Pack Brat (3 panels, 213K GIF)

A Sparkling Alternative (3 panels, 205K GIF)

George Picks Up Where Garland Left Off (3 panels, 199K GIF)

Howzit Beacons To George (3 panels, 166K GIF)

Ingrate Expectations (3 panels, 184K GIF)

Don't Worry, Ted, It'll Tern Up! (3 panels, 284K GIF)

Remember, Garland Was Green And Blue It (3 panels, 206K GIF)

Wire Grownups So Contrary? (3 panels, 225K GIF)

There's Trouble Afoot Tonight (3 panels, 189K GIF)

Fear Of Frying (3 panels, 225K GIF)

A Shocking Thought (3 panels, 228K GIF)

Howzit Is A Proud Pleaser (3 panels, 249K GIF)

Watt A Jolt! (3 panels, 266K GIF)

Howzit Gets Pushy (3 panels, 262K GIF)

Howzit Forges Ahead (3 panels, 281K GIF)

George NOs, Howzit Will Be Unhappy (3 panels, 267K GIF)

Only The Button Is Not Depressed (3 panels, 199K GIF)

Howzit Hangs On To His Pique (3 panels, 232K GIF)

The Depths Of This Pair (3 panels, 229K GIF)

History Is Snooze To Howzit (6 panels, 578K GIF)

Who's The Sleepyhead? (3 panels, 250K GIF)

A Rousing Cheer (3 panels, 290K GIF)

...And A Stirring Chorus (3 panels, 261K GIF)

This Night Is So Long (3 panels, 302K GIF)

Tamu Wants To Delight (3 panels, 255K GIF)

A Glaring Error (3 panels, 242K GIF)

Look At The Bright Side! (3 panels, 293K GIF)

Oh Poo, It's Not Raining (3 panels, 285K GIF)

Tamu Is Having A Blast (3 panels, 275K GIF)

Howzit Touches Off Another Blow-up! (3 panels, 242K GIF)

Howzit Makes Enlightening Observations (3 panels, 242K GIF)

Howzit Shows A Flare For The Finish (3 panels, 281K GIF)

A Brilliant Way To Congratulate George (3 panels, 186K GIF)

Thoughts Tern Homeward (3 panels, 173K GIF)

Garland Leaves, Bye Plane (3 panels, 215K GIF)

It's The Tale End Of The Season (3 panels, 208K GIF)

Chapter 1. The Book

Chapter 2. Net Results

Chapter 3. Tokyo Roads

Chapter 5. Pester Not

Chapter 6. The Day the Earth Stood Still

Chapter 7. The Weigh They Were

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