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Chapter 2. Net Results

Net Results (3 panels, 226K GIF)

Kept Ridley (3 panels, 217K GIF)

Here Today, Gone To Maui (3 panels, 209K GIF)

Turtle Includer Device (3 panels, 206K GIF)

Tick Talk (3 panels, 222K GIF)

Miss Takeoff (3 panels, 233K GIF)

Howzit Is Alarmed (3 panels, 152K GIF)

Passing Comment (3 panels, 211K GIF)

Saving Face (3 panels, 227K GIF)

Mad Dash (3 panels, 177K GIF)

Out Of The Blue (3 panels, 209K GIF)

Chomps Ridley (3 panels, 229K GIF)

Trouble Afoot (3 panels, 224K GIF)

Biting Criticism (3 panels, 221K GIF)

Specious Conclusion (3 panels, 225K GIF)

See? Weeds! (3 panels, 212K GIF)

Sea Rations (3 panels, 221K GIF)

Howzit Finds a Rear Crab (3 panels, 224K GIF)

The Back-dabber (3 panels, 235K GIF)

Howzit Polishes Off Pritchard (3 panels, 223K GIF)

They Could Have Guest (3 panels, 243K GIF)

Suited For The Job (3 panels, 234K GIF)

Paper Wait (3 panels, 173K GIF)

Tamu Is Not Wordy (3 panels, 220K GIF)

Putts (3 panels, 219K GIF)

Anchor Ranker (3 panels, 153K GIF)

Oar Gone Boner (3 panels, 155K GIF)

Pritchard Suffers With Drawl (3 panels, 200K GIF)

A Ward For George (3 panels, 202K GIF)

Howzit's Mad Claim (3 panels, 234K GIF)

Pritchard's Bill Of Fare (3 panels, 198K GIF)

Postal Goad (3 panels, 211K GIF)

Silly Sleepers (3 panels, 216K GIF)

Splitting Headache (3 panels, 211K GIF)

The Rest Is History (3 panels, 220K GIF)

Act Of Restraint (3 panels, 235K GIF)

Snapping Turtle (3 panels, 211K GIF)

Howzit, That No-account Turtle (3 panels, 195K GIF)

Crabby Depression (3 panels, 194K GIF)

Chapter 1. The Book

Chapter 3. Tokyo Roads

Chapter 4. Lost Shoals

Chapter 5. Pester Not

Chapter 6. The Day the Earth Stood Still

Chapter 7. The Weigh They Were

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