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Chapter 3. Tokyo Roads

Tokyo Roads (3 panels, 193K GIF)

A Pointed Response (3 panels, 225K GIF)

Quality Control (3 panels, 220K GIF)

It's All Relative (3 panels, 222K GIF)

Hat Trick (3 panels, 198K GIF)

Yen For Survival (3 panels, 215K GIF)

That Specific Kemp's Ridley (3 panels, 180K GIF)

He Schemes To Be Friendly (3 panels, 195K GIF)

Gaa-gi Nets Howzit (3 panels, 205K GIF)

Popping Off (3 panels, 196K GIF)

He Makes No Cents (3 panels, 220K GIF)

Stuff And Nonsense (3 panels, 211K GIF)

Things Get Worth (3 panels, 188K GIF)

A Valued Friend (3 panels, 175K GIF)

Tamu Is On The Alert (3 panels, 166K GIF)

Wince Again, He Returns (3 panels, 176K GIF)

What A Croc! (3 panels, 188K GIF)

The Plot Sickens (3 panels, 181K GIF)

A Monstrous Undertaking (3 panels, 138K GIF)

A Friendship Turns Fowl (3 panels, 146K GIF)

Weiner And Still Chump (3 panels, 198K GIF)

Could There Be Aloha Blow? (3 panels, 138K GIF)

Courageous Feet (3 panels, 156K GIF)

A Pathetic Croc (3 panels, 171K GIF)

Howzit Has Fate (3 panels, 187K GIF)

Dream Boat (3 panels, 176K GIF)

Howzit Snaps (3 panels, 193K GIF)

Bound To Intimidate (3 panels, 194K GIF)

Ted & Garland Get The Jumps (3 panels, 172K GIF)

Maroon Biologists (3 panels, 174K GIF)

Bound For Tokyo (3 panels, 224K GIF)

Howzit Shakes Gaa-gi (3 panels, 216K GIF)

Rude Awakening (3 panels, 199K GIF)

Faint Hope (3 panels, 215K GIF)

Howzit, Foot Ducter (3 panels, 217K GIF)

The Tooth About Gaa-gi (3 panels, 194K GIF)

Total Chaos (3 panels, 228K GIF)

Howzit Studies The Molar System (3 panels, 229K GIF)

Howzit Sneeze A Reason to Stick Together (3 panels, 177K GIF)

Bold Ego (3 panels, 125K GIF)

Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming! (3 panels, 195K GIF)

George and Howzit Tern In (3 panels, 104K GIF)

Chapter 1. The Book

Chapter 2. Net Results

Chapter 4. Lost Shoals

Chapter 5. Pester Not

Chapter 6. The Day the Earth Stood Still

Chapter 7. The Weigh They Were

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