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Chapter 5. Pester Not

Pester Not (3 panels, 276K GIF)

Howzit Tries To Bug George (3 panels, 267K GIF)

A Tension Is Lacking (3 panels, 254K GIF)

All Things In Modulation (3 panels, 263K GIF)

George Is Delighted (3 panels, 270K GIF)

George Thinks The Warning Is Phoney (3 panels, 270K GIF)

Howzit Puts The Octopus Through The Ringer (3 panels, 268K GIF)

There's Something Fishy Going On (3 panels, 248K GIF)

George And Howzit Meet The Gobblers (3 panels, 248K GIF)

We Suspect Fowler Play (3 panels, 258K GIF)

A Large Helping (3 panels, 269K GIF)

Succor Call (3 panels, 256K GIF)

Hard To Swallow (3 panels, 256K GIF)

Tummy Shake (3 panels, 252K GIF)

Howzit Nets A Permit (3 panels, 201K GIF)

Drop Shipment (3 panels, 260K GIF)

Howzit Sings Solo George Can't Hear (3 panels, 281K GIF)

Crate Expectations (3 panels, 271K GIF)

A Mitey Hug (3 panels, 270K GIF)

Howzit Presents A Hint (3 panels, 266K GIF)

According To Howzit (3 panels, 273K GIF)

Re: Nude Interest (3 panels, 262K GIF)

These Observations Are Beachy Keen (3 panels, 255K GIF)

Sound Asleep (3 panels, 264K GIF)

Peerless Observation (3 panels, 259K GIF)

A Stuffed Shirt (3 panels, 259K GIF)

A Weiner In The Mating Game (3 panels, 259K GIF)

Call To Order (3 panels, 264K GIF)

Flash! Heads Up On Maui (3 panels, 262K GIF)

A Blank Check (3 panels, 200K GIF)

Plump Up The Volume (3 panels, 193K GIF)

Don't Bother Him With Fax (3 panels, 195K GIF)

It's Not Data, It's Scrap (3 panels, 184K GIF)

Hounded By Fowler (3 panels, 186K GIF)

Doctorate Hurts (3 panels, 178K GIF)

Ted's Stationary Reaction (3 panels, 191K GIF)

It Must Be Sartre Day (3 panels, 197K GIF)

They De-serf Each Other (3 panels, 200K GIF)

A Burden To Hand (3 panels, 188K GIF)

To Crab And To Scold (3 panels, 117K GIF)

Whining And Dining (3 panels, 129K GIF)

Howzit Heads To Bed (3 panels, 146K GIF)

Atoll Tale (3 panels, 146K GIF)

George's Yarn Is Falling Apart (3 panels, 189K GIF)

Bad Time Story (3 panels, 198K GIF)

A Rousing Adaptation (3 panels, 196K GIF)

Lying Isn't Appreciated (3 panels, 183K GIF)

Howzit Tries Re-Tale (3 panels, 184K GIF)

To Be Named Anon. (3 panels, 184K GIF)

Can't Bear To Fall Asleep (3 panels, 192K GIF)

Howzit's Bull of Rights (3 panels, 198K GIF)

You Can Always Count On Howzit (3 panels, 186K GIF)

On His Pest Behaviour (3 panels, 188K GIF)

It's Snooze To Howzit (3 panels, 178K GIF)

Now He's A-resting (3 panels, 193K GIF)

An Alarming Observation (3 panels, 185K GIF)

Ted's Back In Action (3 panels, 232K GIF)

Mad Rush (3 panels, 186K GIF)

Finishing Off (3 panels, 180K GIF)

Reaching A Conclusion (3 panels, 185K GIF)

Don't Treatise Like That (3 panels, 193K GIF)

Drop The Subject, OK? (3 panels, 195K GIF)

On Timely Arrival (3 panels, 186K GIF)

Whales Will Come From Upstairs (3 panels, 209K GIF)

They Do Fodder Research (3 panels, 187K GIF)

He Can't Stay Awake For The Rest (3 panels, 166K GIF)

George Is Bearly Guarded (3 panels, 163K GIF)

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