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Chapter 8. Howzit Can't Miss

Howzit Can't Miss
Howzit's Mystery Saga
Howzit's Rued Surprise
Howzit's C Rhyme
George Wonders Weather It's True
George Figures It Out
Attack Of The Clowns
Howzit Thinks Mississauga Is Really Cool
George's Notbook & Lackberry
Howzit Is Not Queued
Howzit Is Planely Boasting
See? Turtle!
A Highly Prized Visit
Culvert Operation
The CorpSec Err Force
Tell Her The Camera Is On The Bum
They Need Super Vision
Howzit Horses Around
The Force Is With Howzit

Chapter 1. The Book
Chapter 2. Net Results
Chapter 3. Tokyo Roads
Chapter 4. Lost Shoals
Chapter 5. Pester Not
Chapter 6. The Day The Earth Stood Still
Chapter 7. The Weigh They Were
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